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The Story of Eva and Lilith


The story of Eva and Lilith. The Dance Theater.

A project that artistically represents the mythical evolutionary history of femininity with its archetypes Eva and Lilith and creates a space for reflection and consciousness.

A stage production by Elisa Allgaier. The dance theatre was premiered on 9.9.2017 at the Stadttheater Kempten and repeated twice in January 2018 due to great demand. Together with the artists Melanie RIA RobinMilena Soyoung, Elisa's  sister Mona Al Gaia and her mother Sigrid Allgaier, Elisa has created a masterpiece by women for women.

Now the stage work comes in revised version again

on 26 and 27 December 2019 on stage at the Stadttheater Kempten


Don't miss it and get your tickets online right here. Actually also a nice Christmas present to your family and friends.

The harpist Melinda Rodrigues and narrator Annika Hofmann will be there again, the singer Rairda with her mystical voice, as well as Alexandra Hardt and Chiara will be a new addition. 

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26th + 27th December 2019 | 19 o'clock
Admission 18 o'clock with champagne reception & premiere of our art book at "Stadttheater Kempten"

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The dance theatre comes in a newly revised version on stage at the Stadttheater Kempten. As we all grow and mature with our way, the story of EVOLET has evolved with us.  It is truly a living piece.

For all those who haven't seen EVOLET yet, this is the chance to experience it live again between Christmas and New Year's Eve. And for all those who have already seen the story of Eva and Lilith, it's certainly exciting to see what the extended version has to offer for a new experience.

BOOK about the Theatre Production

Book premiere in the foyer of the Stadttheater Kempten. On 26 + 27 December 2019 from 18 o'clock 

An art book with photographs of the history of Eva and Lilith, as well as crystals by Melanie Ria Robin and an accompanying CD is currently being produced. The CD contains all live pieces that were developed especially for EVOLET by the artists. A guided meditation on the crystals integrated in the book enhances the complete work.

Follow the details of the theater piece, the book and the artists in the next newsletters. Share our evolution into a great work of art. If you already want to reserivate tickets for the play or are interested in sponsoring or cooperation, please contact me. Alternatively also at 

Image by Jasmin Ne

Even a few weeks after the premiere, I still feel this strong, stirring feeling in me, just as I had it while watching. I was very touched when Lilith was separated from Eva. This pain, which sits deep in our souls in all of us women, overwhelmed me and made me remember that I had forgotten Lilith for many years. The reunion was very touching, felt in me to be whole and true again.

Elisa Allgaier and the ensemble brought a theme to the stage that deeply touches us women. The premiere was a brilliant dance theatre with beautiful costumes, very professionally thought-out staging, beautiful pictures with special light effects and an enormous commitment to the good cause. That was theatre, dance, acting and singing on the highest level. I like to come back the long way from Vienna.

Thank you very much for this emotional spectacle!