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Soul Dance

My dance today, is the result of technical, but above all personal development. As I am constantly evolving - in motion - my dance is evolving as well. Today I am not only dancing the oriental dance, but I am creating my own expression out of different dance styles. I give myself the space to move as multi-facetedly and truthfully as I am and what the music moves in me.

The term that best describes this for me is Soul Dance. When my soul dances to the music.  So you can find me in various projects, which I can enrich with my expressive dance.


full-day seminar

Swinging, dancing and singing together with me and my sister Mona AlGaia.


The strength of us women lies in our ability to love and our nourishing qualities. But for that we have to feel good. Only we ourselves know what we need. Give yourself time to connect deeply with yourself, to give yourself space for everything that needs room. In order to come into balance and perhaps even in the powerful, safe field among women, we will expand our inner space a bit further. Together with my sister Mona AlGaia I am happy to dance with you, to sound or just to be with you.


Dates are announced regularly by newsletter, as well as here on my website. 


Connect with yourself and your femininity as it shows itself. We consciously take the space for one day to experience our body wisdom in free dance, yoga, meditation & sound and to create a wonderful, healing energy. Being a woman can be so beautiful!



Truthfulness, Healing

Lightness, unity


Celebrate with us being the woman! 

Dance, Meditation, Yoga & Sound

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Dates will be published here.


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"The workshop "The Calling" was a wonderful evening with special women. Dear Elisa and Mona, I am still very touched about how you have created a room for us in such a short time, in which we could feel so comfortable. Although many of us did not know each other, I was immediately at home. The way you led us into dancing and singing immediately reduced inhibitions, so that in the end really every woman could feel more arrived, loved and liberated". 

Barbara Dopfer, Yogalehrerin, RedSchool Retreats


The power of the triunity is embodied and bundled in the group by Melanie RIA Robin, Milena Soyoung and Elisa Allgaier. Together we carry the vision to open inner spaces through the expression of art (music, singing, temple dance & symbolic power) and to bring spiritual levels into consciousness. The topic of healthy femininity is particularly close to our hearts. 

For us it is important not to want to represent anything out of the imagination, to follow a certain tradition or a concept. It is more important for us to give space to our very own expression and to support others in finding their own way. 

We express this triunity in various projects, on stage as Trinity ritual dancers or in our Ritual Circle Circle workshops for women.