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Mein Weg zu Yoga

Always on the trail of happiness and in search of vitality for my body and mind, my path led me two years ago to the Ananda Yoga House Kempten. The yoga sessions I was able to experience, there not only did my body a lot of good, but also calmed my mind and deeply touched my soul through the loving, attentive hours. So in 2018/2019 I decided to complete my first Hatha Yoga teacher training with Fabio & Julia Giaccone.

I am infinitely grateful to get to know another very powerful way that brings so much consciousness and knowledge around our human being. A beautiful way to take one's own happiness into one's own hands. And as Siddhartha G.B. so beautifully says: "but happiness is only inner peace. Learn to find it. You can do it".

I invite you to find this happiness, this inner peace. Come by and experience playfully and easily what yoga moves in you.


You're not on Earth to be unhappy.
But happiness is only the inner peace.
Learn to find it. You can.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha